Choosing which light to use, where it will be rigged and where it will be patched onto the desk channel faders is part of the Lighting Design process.

This guide will take you through the process of setting up an LED light ready for use, which is part of the Rigging process. It has the instructions for a FLXS48 but most steps are applicable with other desks of computer control systems.

The Interactive ZerOS manual is located at or you can download it as an interactive offline PDF manual. The FLXS training videos are

Information Required
You will need a copy of the manufacturers handbook for the light so you can determine:
Size or dimensions
Spacing from conventional (hot) lighting
Power requirements
dmx modes e.g. 6ch, 10ch
data connections i.e. 5 pin xlr
power connections e.g. PowerCon

The Make, Model can usually be on the rear of the light or on the side of the yokes.

Hint: Have copies of all handbooks for your lights and those you may want to add.


Select the Mode that you want to use, if you have no restrictions on number of DMX channels, choose the Mode that allows access to enhanced features that you may find useful such as sound to light. Apply power to set the Mode and DMX Address. A common feature of setting modes is a capital A for 10 channel mode and a lower case d for 6 channel Mode.

To see what fixtures are patched into your desk go to Setup > Fixture Schedule. You can select All or an individual type of fixture to see the Fixture Channel Number, the DMX Address and the Mode by tapping on it under the Change All Fixtures/Modes column.

To patch your fixture into the FLXS48 go to Setup > Add fixtures. Add fixtures gives to access to the ZerOS Library. You will need to choose which universe when patching.

To check your patching, connect a DMX cable for Universe 1 or Universe 2 to each fixture and bring up the Channel Fader. By default the fixture will come up white.
Hint: to check a group of fixtures, bring the channel fader up on the first one, make it Red, deselect, bring up the second fixture, make it Green etc so each fixture is a different colour. This helps to confirm that you have set the DMX Mode and Address correctly and have rigged them in the correct position.

Page updated 15 June 2024