Lytworx Rainbow Neonflex is an infrared controlled 12V Pixel tape sold by Bunnings
Infrared remote control is not reliable in theatres so this project removes the Neonflex from the HC89F0411 8 pin 8 bit flash microcontroller,  which has one pin connected to the IR diode and one pin providing the serial out control to the Neonflex data in. 

We will connects it to an Arduino Nano with a DMX shield and will provide a serial data out to the Neonflex data line.

The Neonflex remote control has a limited rangle of colours. By changing to an Arduino Uno we can provide individual control of Red, Green and Blue using three DMX channels. Dynamic modes will have to be replicated with a Mode DMX channel and Speed.

Shown below is the Neonflex control ic.

The Nano was chosen for it’s compact size with a USB connection for programming. The interface needs an XLR3 male and female plug which mainly determines the housing size.
The other more compact choice is an Arduino Pro Mini which needs an FTDI USB Breakout module.

Power Supply details
The Neonflex comes with a 12V 2A plugpack which will also supply +9V to the Nano by using 4 x 1N4004 diodes to reduce the 12V.

The Arduino IDE 1.8.19 is being used to program the Nano. The major release Arduino IDE 2.0 is available as a pre release to be evaluated.

Page updated 27 March 2022