The Electronics 2 lighting student project  is Task 5 of Praxix 2 VET UNIT PLAN and is chosen by the lighting student to allow them to design, construct and test something that could be useful in their lighting tasks.

Task 5: Electronics Design Project Context & Conditions of Assessment – The Purpose of the Assessment – Electronics Design Project Assessment

The use of a Microcontroller such as the Arduino or a Microcomputer such as the Raspberry Pi is an ideal building block for the project as they come assembled in different capabilities, are easily programmed for different tasks and have daughter boards or Shields available to use for specific tasks.


Raspberry Pi

A useful book that covers electronic projects is Hacking Electronics – Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi by Simon Monk that is available from local libraries 621.381 MON 


This Garrick Theatre patch sheet was drawn up before the theatre refurbishment so needs to have the socket numbers updated. It is for a Square One lighting design that is a good starting point for most productions lighting. It allows for isolation of any of the nine stage areas, a mix of warm and cool colours, door specials and downstage spots or specials.