The Saturday 11 June 2022 workshop that ran from 1pm to 4pm was a well received so we are running another workshop in September 2022 , date to be announced !
See Theatre Stage Lighting Course Content for general lighting course notes.

Pre course study – Please watch

The Lighting Design Process Matt Kizer
It is all demonstrated in this 10 minute YouTube video

Have a look at his Virtual Labs and Educational Resources

ETC Educational Resources has a set of Stage Lighting Poster Set and a free eBook: A Guide for Lighting the Stage that you can download. Very Up To Date !

ETC Study Hall also have a library of YouTube videos 

This lighting workshop will show what characteristics the different types of stage lighting have that are used at the Irish Club, see what effect the placement of these lights have on the the stage and see how emotive colour can be. We will study the synopses of the three one act plays to try and determine what mood or atmosphere is required, any specials where an actor is to be highlighted or hidden. The aim is to create a lighting design that should suit all three plays, while allowing them their individual lighting requirements.

We will rig and focus the lights, then plot the three one act plays lighting cues into LightFactory. then run the show to see what it looks like.

Stage safety
Testing and Tagging
Visual inspection before use – Tag Out faulty lights
Ladders – safe working at heights
Burns hazards
Mechanical hazards


Guidelines on the Application of the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992

Objectives of stage lighting
Visibility – to see an actor or elements of a scene
Mood – set the emotion of a scene
Focus – directs the audience to look at something or look away from something
Location and Time of day


Properties of light

CR Lite Magik Par 9x5in1 RGBWA LED PAR – 7ch MagikPar 18 Hex CR Lite

CR Lite Magik Par Hex 12 RGBAWUV LED PAR – 10ch
EK E3wash RGBW Zoom Wash Moving Head – 13ch
Huayan Light HY-P186S 6in1 LED PAR – 6ch, 10ch
Ic-color PAR Hex 12  RGBAWUV LED PAR- 8ch
Nitec Pharos 50 LED Profile 19-36 degrees – 3ch
Pharos LED Profile 14-30 degrees – 3ch
Prolite PR5-F 500/650W fresnel
Prolite PR5-ZPM Zoom Profile 500/650W profile
Prolite PR10-F 1000/1200W Fresnel
Selecon Acclaim Axial Profile 600W 18-34 degrees Lighting
Selecon Acclaim fresnel 500/650W
Showtec Performer 2000 LED Fresnel – 5ch
Top Striving Uranus 18x15W 6in1 LED PAR
Vangaa VG-LVF150C RGBW LED Profile – 9ch
XT-FL100W RGB DMX Flood – 3ch
Unknown PAR56 Parcan 300W

Acme Astro RGB Mirror ball effect light
Acme Wild Tech Hallucination multi coloured effect light
CR Lite Mix Laser 2 Laser, Strobe and Disco effect light
Event Lighting Nitroball 5x8W RGBW LED Sperical effect light
Lixada Mini Ledsspot 8 Gobo RGBW Moving head light

Lighting control
Conventional desk 
LSC iPatch 48
LSC iPro dimmer


Script Ananlysis

Lighting Plans

Rigging for a show


Plotting for a show

Running a show

Updated 10 June 2022