FLX S24 & FLX S48

This Quick Start Guide will provide with a brief overview of the setup and operation of the FLX S24 shown below with the Image Picker screen  & FLX S48 console above it with the Colour Picker screen .

The FLX S24 & FLX S48 User Manual can be found on the web for full details of  console operations . There is also the FLX Range & ZEROS ACCESSORIES User Manual that includes instructions for FLX S24 & FLX S48. And an online ZerOS manual https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros?filter=reset  where you can select FLX S24 or S48 and download a PDF.

 YouTube training
Training courses, product overviews and other videos for the FLX S consoles are available on the YouTube channel – youtube.com/zero88

FLX S runs ZerOS software, which is regularly updated to bring new features and to keep your console stable and secure. Software updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from zero88.com/software. It is strongly recommended to always be running the latest release of software. An offline editor Phantom ZerOS is also available as a download.

 Universe upgrades
FLX S supports one DMX “universe” (up to 512 DMX channels). FLX S can be upgraded, enabling you to spread your fixtures across two DMX “universes” (up to 1024 DMX channels). Visit zero88.com/software/zeros/upgrade for more information.

Throughout this guide, references to front panel control and buttons appear in a solid border.  For example Encoder Wheel  . Soft buttons, which appear on the monitor, are in a dotted border, for example Next   ,  Picker  .


 FLX S24
FLX S24 is a 19” wide console, capable of controlling 48 physical fixtures (LEDs, dimmers, moving lights, etc).