When analysing a song, it is useful to have the words so you can look for suggestions of mood or colour or location or time.

Play a song to hear it as a complete piece, to get a feel of the tempo and melody, then use the words to note verses, chorus and bridges. These may suggest different sections of lighting.
Having choruses may  speed up your Son et Lumiere programming as you can repeat the same block of cues.
Verses have more specific detail and may suggest different moods or atmosphere for each verse.
The words in a song may suggest different shape gobos to use or what colour to use to create a mood.
The beat of a song can be translated into the speed of chases or the rotation speed of a gobo or the speed that a light beam moves across the stage.
Some instrumental versions of well known songs can be treated as a song, using the unsung words at suggestions or motivation for your cues when programming.

This song analysis worksheet may help or look for other resources on line.  https://www.lcps.org/cms/lib4/VA01000195/Centricity/Domain/3532/Song_Lyrics_Analysis_1.pdf