The following instructions have been documented from FLX S24 & FLX S48 Community Support Forum, from the FLX Range & ZEROS Accessories User Manual and trying things out on the desk.

Renumber Cues in a Playback

Hold SETUP, tap your Master Playback Go Button, tap Advanced Renumber > OK.

Unpatched Fixtures

I you have unpatched a fixture, you can find it in the Unpatched fixture tab on the bottom of the Setup > Add Fixture window ?

Flickering Fixtures

Some fixtures will flicker if RDM is being output from the desk. Zero88 call this RDM function  RigSync. 

FLX S has two outputs – a 3pin and a 5pin. If you have a 1 Universe FLX S, by default both ports will output the same DMX data, but the 5pin will include RDM and the 3pin won’t include RDM. This behavior can be changed in SETUP > Inputs & Outputs.

Another useful trick is addressing the fixture into the higher numbers. Usually above address 32 helps, but if not above address 257 should definitely help