This is the assessment for Electronics 1 component for First Year Lighting Students

TASK 9: Electronics

Context & Conditions of Assessment – The Purpose of the Assessment

Students will demonstrate skills & knowledge of Electronics, DC Circuits and electrical theory, including soldering / de-soldering components and constructing basic circuits

Assessment / Tasks Instructions

  1. Complete the general knowledge Electronics exam
  2. Use a soldering iron for soldering & de-soldering correctly, observing correct temperature, cleaning, handling and storage techniques.
  3. Construct a “buzz-box” continuity tester
  4. Construct a DMX-Ethernet Adaptor cable
  5. Complete an electronics project as determined in consultation with the lecturer


Evidence to be Gathered from the Student

Requirements for successful performance

In order to successfully meet the requirements of this task, students are required to:

Prepare and tidy work areas and tools correctly

Follow all OSH & work procedures

Present a completed “buzz-box” for inspection

Present a completed DMX-Ethernet cable for inspection

Present a completed electronics project for inspection

Submit completed Electronics exam

Perform all tasks outlined above to a satisfactory standard

Clean & Tidy work areas and store tools & equipment correctly


Format of presentation

Students will complete exams in allocated class time.

Digital Images of completed work will suffice for presented items, providing the images can be verified as authentic.

Students will retain presented items for their personal use

The student will be observed and may be questioned whilst performing these tasks.



Extensions may be granted.  Please discuss with your Lecturer before the due date.

If you miss an assessment due to illness, please contact your Lecturer.


Date Due: TBA