The Gobo wheel pictures have been copied from the Sacred Heart College Vista 3 program WAAPA.v3s viewed on the Vista 3 program on a windows PC. The picture on the right shows small image sizes when viewed in All.
The pictures below show larger image sizes with more detail when the gobo tab is selected.
Sacred Heart College has Mac 700PE models

Mac 700 Gobo Wheel 1

The rotating gobo wheel (gobo wheel 1) has six gobos that can be selected, indexed (positioned at a
programmed angle), rotated continuously, and shaken (bounced). The gobo wheel can also be scrolled
continuously. These features are controlled on channel 7 (12 in extended mode). Index angle or rotation
speed is set on channel 8 (13 in extended mode), with fine control available on channel 9 (14 in extended

The top open circle is for no rotating gobo.

Mac 700 Gobo Wheel 2

The static gobo wheel (gobo wheel 2) has nine static gobos and can be scrolled continuously (allowing split
gobo effects) or in full-gobo steps using channel 10 (15 in extended mode). Random gobo scrolling and
continuous gobo wheel rotation can also be set at different speeds.

The top open circle is for no static gobo.

Mac 700 Gobo Wheel 3 Prism

On channel 14 (19 in extended mode), the prism can be added and rotated clockwise and counterclockwise
at varying speeds.

The circle opposite the Prism is an open circle for no prism.

Mac 700 Gobo Wheel 4 Gobo Animation

The gobo animation system is designed to create animated effects such as rising flames or windswept
clouds when combined with other gobos.
Channel 12 (17 in extended mode) sets the animation wheel’s rotation mode (indexed or continuous), and
start position.
Channel 13 (18 in extended mode) sets the wheel’s:
• index angle if indexed rotation is selected on channel 12 (17 in extended mode)
• rotation speed and direction if continuous rotation is selected on channel 12 (17 in extended mode).

The fourth open circle is for no effect.

The Mac 700 has Cyan Magenta Yellow dichroic flags that allow for colour selection using a colour specturm or Lee filters and a Colour Wheel with eight colour filters, two are usually colour temperature correction filters.
The dichroic flags have less insertion loss than a plastic gel or filter, but still reduce the intensity of the light beam, noticeable with deep saturated colours such as blues.

Page edited 6 September 2022