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 FLXS24 & FLXS48  BASIC USER GUIDE – edited Rename Channel 03 September 2022

Turn on power to the desk using the powerboard, the desk does not have a power switch, it takes 60 secs.
Then turn on the power to the dimmer racks and LED’s and other fixtures available..
Select Output window (lightbulb) to see what lights are patched to see what is available.
Select Channels pages 1 or 2  to control a particular light with a fader. LED lights will be white by default.
If you select an LED light, you can change the colour by selecting option Colour, Colour Picker or Mood Boards on the top menu line. Pressing the same Colour option again changes what the encoder wheels control. If you use two fingers on the Colour Picker spectrum you can get a fan out of the colours.

Recording your show
Only one show will be stored in the desk so save your show on the usb thumbdrive using Setup >Save
To see what is on the thumbdrive select Setup >Save >Refresh.
You can bring up a light’s intensity with the fader, or select the flash button(s) then press the Z key and use the first encoder wheel that has the label Intensity.
You can select multiple flash buttons, then use the Z key, or select a range of lights by holding down the flash button of the first light in the range, then pressing the flash button of the last light in the range.

To record a cue press Record, empty Playbacks will flash, recorded Playbacks will be on steady, then press the Flash button of the playback you want the cue to be in, or the Go button. If it has something recorded it will give you the option to Overwrite or Merge or Create Cue 2 or Create Chase or Cancel.
Using the Master Playback to record a show allows you to leave Channels selected during playback.
Continue setting up and recording cues to a playback to record what is called a Stack in theatre use.
If you record an Effect in a Cue, you need to turn it off using No Effect  to stop it being in the next Cue.

To add an extra cue or Point cue between existing cues, set up the lighting state, press Record, press the Z key and type in the number of the Dot Cue, then deselect the Z key to see the new cue.

Naming Channels – press Setup, Fixture schedule, select the Channel Name, type in new name. Use external monitor Fader view to see full channel name, internal touch screen truncates names.
Naming Cues
– double click the Name cell in the Playback window and type in the new name.
Deleting Cues – press Delete, Press Z key, type number of Cue you want to Delete then Playback button.

Running your show
Before using Playback, double click Clear – bottom right of the desk,  so red led is off, select Playbacks.
When using a Playback, bring the Playback  fader to full, this reset the cue stack so it starts at the first cue.
Press  Playback button to play the next cue, which will be yellow. Once the cue is run it turns green to show the cue contents are live to the stage. If you want to play a different cue next, select it on the touch screen, the cue will turn yellow to show it will play next when you press the playback button.

To view a Playback content hold View and tap the Playback button you want to view.
Naming Playbacks – hold the Setup button down and press the flash button under the Playback, select Advanced , select Playback Name then type in name.

To Save your show select Setup > SAVE >Filename– (use keyboard) > Removeable Device > Save.
To Load a show select Setup > Load > Select show file name (may need to refresh) > Load

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