General Guidelines for Portable Electrical Equipment to meet Australian Regulations and Standards – Don Allen Electronics 20 February 2022


All electrical equipment imported, and sold in, Australia must be proven to be electrically safe.
Electrical appliances and equipment – importing, selling or hiring

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EESS Selling Electrical Equipment in Australia

All electrical products, regardless of use, must comply with AS/NZS 3820 Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment which is the general electrical safety standard. This document references AS/NZS 60335.1 Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety  which references AS/NZS 60065


AS/NZS 60065:2012 Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus – Safety requirements.

Section 5.1 Identification and supply ratings
The apparatus shall be marked with the following:
a) maker’s or responsible vendor’s name, trade mark or identification mark;
b) model number or type reference;
c) the symbol for class II if applicable  (IEC 60417-5172)
d) nature of supply:
– a.c. only with the symbol
– d.c. only with the symbol
– a.c. or d.c. with the symbol
– for three-phase systems, reference is made to IEC 61293:
e) RATED SUPPLY VOLTAGE or range of the RATED SUPPLY VOLTAGEs which can be applied without operating a voltage setting device.
Apparatus which can be set to different RATED SUPPLY VOLTAGEs or ranges of RATED SUPPLY VOLTAGEs shall be so constructed that the indication of the voltage or range of voltages to which the apparatus is set, is discernible on the apparatus when ready for use.
f) rated Mains frequency (or range of frequencies) in hertz, if safety is dependant on the use of the correct MAINS frequency.
g) RATED CURRENT CONSUMPTION or RATED POWER CONSUMPTION of apparatus which can be supplied by supply apparatus for general use. As an alternative this information may be given in the instruction manual.
The measured consumption at RATED SUPPLY VOLTAGE shall not exceed the marked value by more than 10%.
h) RATED CURRENT CONSUMPTION or RATED POWER CONSUMPTION for apparatus intended for connection to an a.c. MAINS SUPPLY.
The measured consumption at RATED SUPPLY VOLTAGE shall not exceed the marked value by more than 10%.
For RATED CURRENT CONSUMPTION or RATED POWER CONSUMPTION measurements of television sets, the following settings shall apply:

Compliance is checked by inspection.


Equipment label needs to show:
rated voltage or rated voltage range in volts

Symbol for the nature of supply, unless the rated frequency is marked

Rated power input in watts or kilowatts or rated current in amperes

name, trade mark or identification mark of the manufacturer or responsible vendor

model or type reference

symbol for class II construction for class II appliances only

IP number according to degree of protection against ingress of water, other than APX0

(AS/NZS 3350.1:2000 Safety of household and similar electrical appliance Part1:7 Marking and instructions.


Note that Non Prescribed do not have to be approved before they are offered for sale, but must meet Australian standards as described above.

Updated 25 February 2022