The main textbook for this workshop is A Method of Lighting the Stage. Stanly McCandless wrote A Method of Lighting the Stage in 1932, revised it in 1947 and it is still very relevant for lighting design for theatre and drama in particular. Do a search for a pdf download and have a read !

You can borrow books on theatre lighting from your library, the Dewey number is 792.

Matt Kizer has made a video Lighting Design McCandless Method

Well worth watching.

Inventory of Theatre Lighting Equipment

I recommend that you have a record of your lighting equipment, it is useful to have a spreadsheet so you can record serial numbers and PAT testing records. Obtain data sheets for your lighting equipment and user manuals so you have beam angles, light intensity, weight, dimensions. details of lamps used for your lighting designs. Have manuals for your lighting desk or software package and training videos, which are usually available on the manufacturers web site.

Theatrecrafts have a web site where you can download manuals for older equipment. It can be difficult getting manuals for new equipment so make sure you get manuals from your suppliers.

Page updated 07 March 2023