Useful Resources for Electronics students

Jaycar Kit Constructors Guide has been provided in the Electronics Lab. Contact me and I can send you a copy.

Jaycar Downloadable Guides includes Breadboard breakdown, Batteries, Fuses.

Electrodriod App . This app has a free version, is a comprehensive electronics reference. Need a particular value resistor but do not have it ? use the Resistor ratio, value/series/parallel to see if you have an alternative on hand. Battery life calculator will let you know how long your 9V battery will last in your Buzzer Box ! Ohms law calculator is also useful.

Arduino web site. Arduino is an “open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.” The best part about Arduino is that they provide materials for purchase as well as free online video tutorials so that beginners in electrical engineering can gain hands-on experience and practice.

Raspberry Pi web site.

Sparkfun was set up by two engineering students. Good source of parts, kits, lots of tutorials on Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

Altronics Technical data lots of information, have a look at the Data Posters, handy to have on your tablet. Altronics Bookmarks have been left in the Electronics Lab.

Components 101  has Design Tips including Electronic Component Symbols – Reading and Understanding Them, Heat Shrink Tubing, Batteries. Well worth a look !

How to Use a Breadboard
sparkfun guide 
Core electronics has a good video that shows you how to use a breadboard.

Soldering 101 Core electronics

Core electronics introduction

Hacking Electronics 2nd Edition Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi by Simon Monk Can be borrowed from local and State Library . Available from Altronics B2496A and Boffins .

The first edition can be found online as a pdf.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi Sensor Projects for the Evil Genius available from Boffins and local libraries.