The zer88 FLX S training videos are located at

FLX S Training – Overview

3:56 duration – introduction to FLX S desk

FLX S Training – Position & Beam

FLX S Training – Cues & Playbacks 

Discover FLX Range uses Phantom zerOS offline editor.
from 01:00 FLX & FLX S Features, Faders, Buttons, Windows.
from 12:00 Patching fixtures
from 26:00 Output Window, Intensity control faders or wheel
from 30:50 Groups – auto and custom
from 34:30 Colours 
from 38:50 Beam and Position properties
from 44:00 Programming 
from 46:30 Playback, Cue Timing
from 51:40 Recording Cue Stacks
from 54:00 Master Playback timings
from 59:00 Inserting Cues, deleting cues
from 1:02:30 Auto follow on
from 1:04:20 Save show, Load show

Getting your console ready to contro

Live stream webinar uses Phantom zerOS to show how to set up an FLX console. A lot of the video is applicable for the FLX S consoles.

Handy hint – have a USB keyboard to speed up typing.

Controlling & Programming Fixtures

10 key moments in this video:
from 03:54 Groups|
from 14:40 Position Parameters
from 29:26 Wheel Sensitivity
from 44:54 Colour Picker
from 50:21 Filter Libraries
from 58:09 Home Key
from 01:11:44 Highlighting a Fixture
from 01:25:01 Move on Dark
from 01:34:37 Palette Referencing
from 01:50:26 Configure an Empty Playback

Page updated 31 March 2022