WAAPA Lighting Buzz Box Project for First Year Lighting students is a practical example of a DC circuit that consists of a 9V battery, a buzzer, an LED, a switch and a set of test contacts that are housed in a small Jiffy box, that allows a student to test the lamp in a theatre light when rigging. The test contact spacing is suitable for the active and neutral pins of an Australian three pin plug, or the lamp pins.

The buzzer has a resistance of 550 ohms which limits the LED current to 12 mA. Using the Electrodroid battery calculator, the estimated battery life is 610 hours.

ItemQuantitySupplier/Item CodeCostDescriptionImage
Jiffy Box1Altronics / H0205$2.50Dimensions
82L x 54W x 30Hmm
Belt Clip1Altronics / H0349$1.20Handy black plastic belt clip. Suits black cases H 0343, H 0346. Can be used for the grey cases; H 0342 and H 0345.
9V Battery1Altronics / S4830$3.95
Battery Snaps1Altronics / P0455$0.50Battery snap clip to suit 9V batteries. These can also be used to connect to some of our battery holders which include an integral battery snap.

Head: 29mm
Lead: 148mm
Piezo Buzzer 11Altronics / S6100 $3.75SPL Output: 75dB @ 20cm
Frequency: 400Hz ± 100Hz
Supply Voltage: 9 - 15V DC
Current: 25mA @ 12V DC
Flyleads: 120mm
Piezo Buzzer 21Altronics / S6109 $3.10Panel mount piezo buzzer. 30mm between mounting hole centres. 80mm lead.

SPL output: 90dB @ 30cm
Supply voltage: 1.5 - 24V dc
Current: 10mA @ 12V dc
Frequency: 5200Hz ± 500Hz
Dimensions (mm): 22Ø x 12H
Momentary Switch1Altronics / S0966$6.50Contact rating: 125mA @ 125V AC
Contact res.: 50mΩ max.
Insulation res.: 1GΩ min @ 500V DC
LED: Red 2V DC
Dialectric strength: 1000V AC 1 minute
Electrical life: 500,000 cycles
SPST Momentary with Black pushbutton actuator and Red LED.
LED 1 ( various ) 1eBay
LED 2 ( various ) 1eBay
LED 3 ( various ) 1eBay
LED 4 ( various ) 1
M3 x 10mm Pan Pozi Nickel Bolt2Altronics / H3120A$2.25 pk 25
M3 Flat Washer2Altronics / H3180$2.10 pk 25
M3 Hex Nut2Altronics / H3175$2.75 pk 25
3.2mm Solderlugs2Altronics / H1503$3.05 pk 10