Profile and Zoom Profile spots provide a hard edge beam that allows the light beam to be contained within a specific area, such as within the proscenium arch of a stage or a doorway or window.

Why Use Profiles for Downstage Lighting

Natural light has an even intensity with no hot spots or dark patches when measured with a light meter in an open area with no shadows.

To achieve the same even intensity across the width of the stage requires the use of a light source that interacts with adjacent lights to achieve this even intensity.

A good quality zoom profile such as a Selecon Acclaim zoom profile has a lamp adjustment to provide PEAK or FLAT intensity of the light beam.
The PEAK intensity is used for acting area lighting so the intensity of the light is 50% at the sides of the beam, so where  adjacent profile beams overlap, the sum of the two light beams is 100% to give an even intensity across the stage.

The FLAT adjustment is for use with gobos for an even intensity across the light beam for realism of the projected shape to achieve natural lighting.

Using a zoom profile allows for different beam widths required for different angles of the outside rigging positions. The shutters of the zoom profile are used to shape the beam for no spill outside the proscenium arch.

Light Meters

You do not need an expensive light or Lux meter to check the light beam of theatre lights. You can buy new ones from $50 or use an app on your smart phone.

Page created 25 March 2023