How Many Lights can I plug into a dimmer channel

The maximum loading of a dimmer rack is determined by the fuse or circuit breaker, which is usually 10 amps for most schools and community theatres, if you have a 12 channel dimmer rack. If you have a 6 channel dimmer rack, the channel capacity may be 20 amps or 4800W
the 10 amp capacity can also be referred to as a 2400 watt capacity.
You need to add up the individual wattage of your theatre lamps so they do not exceed the 2400W capacity of the dimmer rack channel..
As theatre lights are usually 500W or 650W or 1000W or 1200W, the answer can be:
four 500W or
three 650W or
two 1000W or
two 1200W or
combinations that do not add up to over 2400W total loading.
If you connect more that 2400W you may blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker.
Hint – some standard dimmers have 16 amp circuit breakers !.

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