Can LED fixtures replace conventional lighting?

We are told that LED theatre lighting is the way to go because it is cheaper to run because of lower power consumption, typically 20% of a conventional theatre light and they can produce lots of colours, BUT what do we need to consider when choosing a LED theatre Light.

Beam width is usually given, but not Field width because a LED fixture such as a LED PAR which is the most common sold, has multiple lens and each lens has side scatter, so you need a snoot of barndoor so the light only shows where you want it to shine.

The different coloured LED emitters on budget LED fixtures have narrow bandwidth with gaps between the colours which cannot correctly light most costumes and sets.

Budget LED fixtures had noticeable steps in the dimming at lower intensities which can distract or even annoy the audience.

Budget LED fixtures may not be repairable as parts for them are not easily obtainable.

LED fixtures can use a lot of dimmer channels on conventional lighting desks, so moving to LED lighting will need a new digital desk or computerised lighting controller. These are not as easy for inexperienced users to use instead of the conventional fader desk

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